Salón de París

Made by our introverted and humble friend Paca in the municipality of Moya on the island of Gran Canaria.

Flor de Guía

The Altos de Moya cheese factory is located at the top of Fontanales, Moya. Composed by Paca and her husband Félix, this cheese is under the name Flor de Guía. It is the only cheese factory in Gran Canaria in which all production focuses on flower cheeses, curdled with collected, dried and filtered thistle flower, whose slight bitterness provides a particular aftertaste.

It is a treasure of our gastronomy, a relic of centuries-old tradition, a unique cheese in the world. During its maturation the piece cracks and expels that creamy paste to the outside characteristic of flower cheese.

This cheese is made with raw sheep and cow milk, due to the action of vegetable rennet, the texture of the paste is soft and its aroma intense. The result, a very creamy cheese with light bitter touches.

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